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Fic Search [Jul. 2nd, 2015|10:57 am]
Daiken/Kensuke Community




So it looks like this community may be dead, but still thought i'd try...

So i've been out this fandom YEARS, a very long time, but i seek a fic i vaguely remember...

I'm pretty sure it was Daiken/Kensuke - they were adults, and Ken was married to a man or had a long-term boyfriend? However he was abusive i believe, possibly emotionally, mentally and i think physically? Ken hid it all, so no one knew. I think, if i remember correctly, this boyfriend/husband stopped allowing Ken to see Daisuke because he didn't trust him. Eventually Daisuke worked out Ken was in an abusive relationship and attempted to save him, etc. I'm sure all the others were in it too - i remember Takeru had a big part?

I remember this was a well written fic, it stood out from most others. I *believe* it was originally on fanfiction. net, but could be wrong.

I've been searching EVERYWHERE and can't find this at all, i'm starting to think i imagined it - if anyone can help, i'd be eternally grateful.

Thank you to all/any help!


[User Picture]From: trippnessa
2016-09-15 07:56 pm (UTC)

I will warn that it's a Daisuke x Kaiser fic, so I would understand if that wasn't your thing. I've observed that many Daiken fans are quite opposed to it. For what it's worth though Ken isn't a rapist, nor does he perform horrible acts of torture or mutilation upon Daisuke lol. The purpose of the story was to show what might happen if Ken had ever captured Daisuke, and how it would affect his conscience to have done so. Daisuke's goal is to find out who Ken really is, and of course to leave as much chaos in his wake as possible.

I do use Chrome, but I haven't heard of Xkit. I'll have to give it a shot. Thanks!
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