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Fanfic Update [Jul. 19th, 2012|11:04 pm]
Daiken/Kensuke Community


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Well I haven't posted an update for my story here in quite a while. I think the last time I posted was back in chapter 5 or something? Anyway, I'm up to 11 now! Things have gotten a lot more serious, and the actual Daisuke x Kaiser has finally started. Anyway, if you've been keeping up with it then here's the next chapter. If not, well, you're welcome to read it from the start if you like ^_^

Drive Me Crazy Chapter 11 – Numb (READ HERE)
Story Summary: Rubbing his temples in frustration, chaos having once again erupted in the base, the Kaiser realized without a doubt that capturing Daisuke instead of the blond kid had been his first mistake… Daiken/Takari
Setting: AU Kaiser Saga; between episodes 17 and 18. Older kids in College, younger in High School.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Yaoi (boy x boy), Violence, Swearing

Just so you know, fanfiction.net allows guest reviews, meaning you don't need an account to leave me a comment if you'd like to. I'd rather you leave comments there instead of here, just so I can keep them all together.

[User Picture]From: ichij0uji
2012-07-22 10:05 am (UTC)
LOVE IT ~ <3
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