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Fic Search [Jul. 2nd, 2015|10:57 am]
Daiken/Kensuke Community



So it looks like this community may be dead, but still thought i'd try...

So i've been out this fandom YEARS, a very long time, but i seek a fic i vaguely remember...

I'm pretty sure it was Daiken/Kensuke - they were adults, and Ken was married to a man or had a long-term boyfriend? However he was abusive i believe, possibly emotionally, mentally and i think physically? Ken hid it all, so no one knew. I think, if i remember correctly, this boyfriend/husband stopped allowing Ken to see Daisuke because he didn't trust him. Eventually Daisuke worked out Ken was in an abusive relationship and attempted to save him, etc. I'm sure all the others were in it too - i remember Takeru had a big part?

I remember this was a well written fic, it stood out from most others. I *believe* it was originally on fanfiction. net, but could be wrong.

I've been searching EVERYWHERE and can't find this at all, i'm starting to think i imagined it - if anyone can help, i'd be eternally grateful.

Thank you to all/any help!

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Recs? [Jul. 10th, 2013|11:21 pm]
Daiken/Kensuke Community


Was wondering if anybody had any saved fanfics of DaiKen?

Besides on FanFiction.net, Adultfanfiction, and Archieveofyourown? Cant seem to find enough of them. 
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Daisuke x Ken Fans!!! [Dec. 11th, 2012|11:43 am]
Daiken/Kensuke Community

For the fans!!!

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Ken's Career [Oct. 29th, 2012|09:05 pm]
Daiken/Kensuke Community

So I know that a lot of Digimon fans out there disliked the epilogue as much as I did, particularly because of the careers given to most of the characters (there were a few that were good, but maybe like... three). I've been pondering, for the sake of a fanfiction I'd like to write, what would have made more sense for those poorly assigned characters. I've been able to come up with something better for everyone but Ken...

Now, I don't think that Ken had the worst career by any means *coughYAMATOcough*, but I really don't think that a detective (or cop in the dub) fits him either. It wasn't like, SUPER awful *coughYAMATOcough* but it could have better. But then I realized that I can't actually think of anything that's better! Everything is like, yeah that could fit, but it doesn't FIT. Mimi + radio host = win, Miyako + computer technician = win... but nothing really stands out as "Ken" to me.

Do you guys have any career ideas for him that could really fit his character? Even if you really like Detective/Cop Ken, other ideas would be appreciated =)
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An old fic... [Aug. 27th, 2012|08:38 am]
Daiken/Kensuke Community

I was going through my LJ, which I haven't touched in years, and found the start of a fic (from 2002!)... thought I would post it here...maybe to get some feedback. Too melodramatic/cliche? I have no idea because I'm not really a writer, and this was a product of my tumultuous youth aha. I am just curious. I haven't read any daiken in years and have no idea if someone has already done this situation - if so, feel free to direct me to said fic!

Warnings: self-inflicted violence, angst?

"Living Without" - Chapter 1 ('s short)

“Married?? You’re getting married?? I didn’t even know you were engaged! What is this Ken, some kind of a joke?” Coffee-brown eyes darkened angrily when the silence indicated it was, in fact, not a joke. Daisuke fixed the other man with an accusing glare. Read moreCollapse )
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Fanfic Update [Jul. 19th, 2012|11:04 pm]
Daiken/Kensuke Community

[mood |accomplished]

Well I haven't posted an update for my story here in quite a while. I think the last time I posted was back in chapter 5 or something? Anyway, I'm up to 11 now! Things have gotten a lot more serious, and the actual Daisuke x Kaiser has finally started. Anyway, if you've been keeping up with it then here's the next chapter. If not, well, you're welcome to read it from the start if you like ^_^

Drive Me Crazy Chapter 11 – Numb (READ HERE)
Story Summary: Rubbing his temples in frustration, chaos having once again erupted in the base, the Kaiser realized without a doubt that capturing Daisuke instead of the blond kid had been his first mistake… Daiken/Takari
Setting: AU Kaiser Saga; between episodes 17 and 18. Older kids in College, younger in High School.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Yaoi (boy x boy), Violence, Swearing

Just so you know, fanfiction.net allows guest reviews, meaning you don't need an account to leave me a comment if you'd like to. I'd rather you leave comments there instead of here, just so I can keep them all together.
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It only took me seven years to finish writing this. Seven years! Enough! [May. 11th, 2012|10:52 pm]
Daiken/Kensuke Community

[mood |F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.]

It's complete! It's really complete! But don't think I'm not going to only release one chapter a week to milk what few reviews there are left out there for Digimon fanfiction. 'Cause I am. *grins*

So without further ado, J. Washington Irving is proud to present:

Actively Dying
A Digimon fanfiction

Description: A look into the darker side of life. Yamato comes to rescue his little brother only to find out that his brother isn’t the one who needs rescuing. [Kensuke, Takesuke, and vague Yamasuke…and yet no one’s cheating on anyone else. Intrigued? Mwahahaha.]

Disclaimer: I do not, have never and (most likely) never will own Digimon. I would, however, consider reciprocating with sexual favors should someone decide to give it to me as a gift.

Authors Notes: Umm, wow. It has been awhile. AU, obviously, unless I missed the episode where Takeru and Daisuke hooked up with Ken’s crime consortium. Fair warning: I do not believe in wrapping things up with pretty little happy bows—life is rarely so kind.

And Ken just might be a little Kaiser-ish. Maybe. Or rather, what I imagine Ken would have been like had he found himself in the kind of environment where embracing rather than excising the "Kaiser" within would have been a bit more socially acceptable.

Chapter 1: Swimming Through Sick Lullabies
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New DaiKen Video [May. 8th, 2012|06:10 pm]
Daiken/Kensuke Community


Yay! New DaiKen Vid!
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:D [Mar. 17th, 2012|08:22 pm]
Daiken/Kensuke Community

Anyone here keeping up with Digimon Xros Wars?

Spoiler pics?Collapse )

+ Crow
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